Friday, August 31, 2007

It's A Family Affair

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Sometimes I wonder how some people ever make it out of da hood with the families they have. As if Michael Vick didn’t have enough problems with his guilty plea on Federal dog-fighting charges, his indefinite suspension from the NFL, and state charges pending, his estranged father crawls out of the woodwork to try and make a buck. I don’t care what the family says to try and put on a good face, this man was estranged from his son for most of Michael’s childhood. This man has the nerve to claim that he was an influence in his son’s life, after he admits to drug and alcohol abuse. The MSM in an effort to sell more papers or commercials only add to the vulture mentality by even talking to this clown.

Now I know from his plea that Michael Vick was neck deep in the Bad Newz dog-fighting enterprise. I have been critical of his involvement, but I’m a stranger. I am not saying that parents or siblings should be in denial concerning a loved one, especially one who is providing their livelihood. But I believe there are some things that need to stay in the family. I think this may be a cultural issue, because I see white folks all the time on television airing all their families business. In the case that you know your relative is guilty you don’t have to pretend they are innocent; that is not what I am suggesting, but you don’t go in the media and sell them out. How about that infamous “no comment”, it works for all those white folks when they get in trouble. Instead we get Mr. Michael Boddie, the estranged father of Michael Vick and husband of Brenda Vick, in an effort to cash in on his sons misfortunes giving him up to the public.

It has been documented that Mr. Boddie has requested large sums of money from his son to live on and Michael Vick has declined, although he does pay for his father’s apartment and gives him money to live on. Mr. Boddie however wanted a lump sum payment of anywhere from 1 million to 700,000 dollars. It should also be noted that Mr. Boddie and his son have not spoken directly in months, so does he have an axe to grind here? Only he can judge that, but I find it ironic that he would choose now to disclose this information.

Michael Boddie defended the request for money. "That's not asking for much from my son," he said. "Most fathers would want $10 million, $20 million."

Boddie also admitted to past problems with alcohol and drugs, and said his son's childhood surroundings help to explain Vick's legal troubles.[1]

And most fathers wouldn’t turn on their sons either, because they didn’t give them money. There is obviously some reason that Mr. Vick chose not to give him this money, because by most accounts he has taken care of those people in his family that were influential in his life. His mother has a mansion in Virginia. Mr. Boddie displays his true character by using this opportunity when a son would typically turn to his father for advice and support into an opportunity to add more fuel to the fire. Whether Mr. Boddie’s allegations are true or not, there is such a thing as family and families should not turn on one another when one is down. Mr. Boddie typifies what is wrong with the Black family. This is the legacy Black fathers are leaving their sons. For some reason Mr. Boddie lost the position to influence his son and to come back now and pretend otherwise is a disgrace.

But Boddie added of Vick: "Nobody dragged him. My son has a fascination with animals anyway. He's a natural dog lover. In our neighborhood in the projects, little boys would get dogs to chase cats in the lumberyard. The big thing with little boys, [they'd] get a dog and sic 'em on the cats. That's what they'd do for fun . . . Yeah, [Vick] did that as a kid. Every little boy in the projects did that. It's a fascination thing. That's just part of his culture growing up.[2]

Ok; on second thought Mr. Boddie don’t try and help. To claim that your son is a “natural dog lover” and then present the evidence you use is difficult to fathom. Just for the record; dog lovers do not fight dogs and cats, or dogs against dogs, or kill them. This is why the “no comment” rule should be in place for most family members. With family members and friends like Michael Vick has had, going to prison might introduce him to a better class of people sadly to say. It is hard to believe that these people turned on him so quickly. Where is the loyalty? Where is the love? I think one of Michael Vick’s attorneys stated it best.

A spokesperson for Vick's defense team replied with a statement attributed to another of Vick's lawyers, Daniel Meachum, that said: "It is a disgrace that Mr. Boddie, who chose for nearly 22 years not to be part of Mike's life, would at this time seek to capitalize on his son's current situation." The statement did not address the specifics of Boddie's account.[3]

Nothing like your family to put salt on that ole nasty wound.



[3] Ibid.

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