Monday, October 29, 2007

How Bout Them Hawks!

I’m sorry, but I have to take a moment to congratulate my school, the University of Kansas Jayhawks. The Jayhawks, as of this writing are 8-0 and ranked number 8 in the BCS poll. Ok, to you football powerhouses this may not seem like a big deal, but for KU alum, it is a very big deal. After years of having to disappear during football season, with our only comeback wait til basketball season, the hawk fans can now crow during football season. The last time the Jayhawks went 8-0 was 1909, so we deserve a little fanfare.

I have to admit that I wasn’t a big fan of the hiring of Mark Mangino as headcoach when it was announced, but coach Mangino has made a believer out of me and I am sure all of Jayhawk nation. Great job coach, you have overcome a losing tradition and have developed a program that is now competitive and nationally ranked. I can’t remember the last time we were nationally ranked in football. I remember all those years living in Lawrence when the Nebraska “Big Red” machine would roll into town and the whole Memorial Stadium would be awash in Red and there was that time I was at the Oklahoma game and Marcus Dupree scored a touchdown before I could turn around from saying Hi to a friend and continued to do so for the rest of the day.

No, we have suffered plenty and now we get our day in the sun. So all of you KU faithful who have been hibernating during the fall waiting for basketball season, rise up and be proud of the “fighting Mangino’s”, they deserve it. Regardless of what happens from here, we will no longer be the doormats of the Big 12. Coming to Lawrence will no longer be a write-in W, we are competitive and you better bring your A game. So here’s a Rock Chalk Jayhawk, GO KU for the team and keep up the good work.

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