Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Barack Obama Is Not A Christian

"The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting;
it has been found difficult and left untried. - GK Chesterton

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Gandhi

Despite all evidence to the contrary it appears that Barack Obama is not really a Christian. He is not a Muslim, but he is not a “real Christian” in “real America”. As part of the McCain campaign’s effort to “move voters away” from Barack Obama by any means necessary they have begun to employ a familiar refrain made popular by a Democrat. Senator John Edwards coined the phrase that there were “two Americas” to highlight the disparity between the wealthy and the middle-class and poor. Somehow I don’t think he envisioned it being used like the Republicans are using it. You see according to them there are two Americas all right, one that is real and one that is “not real”? The real America is patriotic, hard-working, God-fearing, and lives in the rural areas of our country. They haven’t quite defined what values that the “other” America has but one could imagine that they would be the opposite of their values.

Barack Obama wants to share the wealth, according to these real Americans this is communism. According to real Americans the doctrine of helping those less fortunate is not what the Bible really means. What it really means is that we should help ourselves. That thing about the rich man and the eye of a camel doesn’t apply to us. God wants me to have all the desires of my heart. God wants me to be rich and happy. If God wanted them to have stuff he would have given it to them. So what real Christian would want to share the bountiful blessings of America with those poor misguided individuals? That part about God not being a respecter of persons doesn’t really mean that it doesn’t matter what you own or what you have, but what you do for others.

Barack Obama wants to end the war and make peace with our enemies. The god in real America does not want peace. The god in real America wants conquest and domination, thus his belief in weapons of mass destruction.

Barack Obama wants to unify our nation through inclusion. He believes that people all over the country are Americans, whether they live in cities, towns, or the suburbs. Regardless of their race, religious denomination, or social status they are all “real Americans” and are patriotic. The god in real America doesn’t want unity. He wants discord, strife, and chaos. The only real Americans are the ones living in rural America.

Barack Obama wants to provide healthcare to all Americans as a right. The god in real America believes that healthcare is a privilege to be given only to the wealthy.

Barack Obama wants to end our dependence on oil and stop the destruction of the earth. The god of real America loves oil and oil companies. He wants to drill more holes and destroy more land. He doesn’t seem to really care much about the earth though. I guess he can always make a new one.

You see Christians in this real America have a different interpretation of the teachings of Christ and anyone who does not share their interpretations completely are not Christians. You see when the Bible says to love your neighbors the real Americans know that really isn’t what it means. What it really means is to love your neighbors if they look, talk, think, and believe as you do. If they do not then they are not real Christians and therefore this doesn’t apply to them. In real America the Church rather than leading the society to understanding the principles of Christ they allow the prejudices of society to infect the Church. They claim religious persecution but how can this be possible when 90% of the people in America claim to be some form of Christian. This false persecution claim is outrageous when you are following the world that is supposed to be persecuting you. The world loves its own. If they want to see persecution they should try to live up to the principles of Christianity. Or better yet be a Muslim in America.

According to these real Americans God loves America. It is His favorite place to be. My question is that if God so loves America so much why isn’t it mentioned in the Bible? The reason it isn’t mentioned as well as any other country is because God doesn’t have a country, He has people and they live all over the world. According to these real Americans God values some humans over other humans and so they are justified to do the same. That stuff in the Bible about equality, tolerance, and peace only relates to those humans who God has chosen over the other humans. Barack Obama believes that all people are equal and have value to God. This disqualifies him from being a “real Christian”.

So Barack Obama is not a real Christian. Thank God for that!


Anonymous said...

Many Americans prefer a democracy to socialism. Probably democracy's don't work, but I personally feel that much that Obama wants is pure socialism.

America has many problems. Will socialism fix them?

Forgiven said...

So giving money back to middle-class and poor Americans is socialism, but giving 700 billion to corporations and rich people is what?

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