Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Birth of a New Nation

According to many Republicans the United States is a brand new nation. This new nation was born on January 20, 2009. All of our problems and crisis’s began on that faithful day when Barack Obama became our 44th President. No sooner than he had taken the oath of office the country began its downward descent. You see it was that day that we started a war with Iraq, removed all regulatory agencies from performing their duties, and we provided large tax-cuts to the wealthiest of Americans. President Obama had a very busy day. Somehow they expect the American people to believe that for the last eight years at least that they were not only not in power, but they were not even in Washington.

This has to be their strategy because I can’t think of any other reason for the response of Governor Bobby Jindal to the President’s speech. He begins by giving his own immigration biography which if his Party had their way would no longer be possible and seemed to me to be a blatant attempt to replicate the President’s history as if to say they are similar somehow. Then he began with his “We Americans can do anything” chorus which ran throughout the course of his response. My reaction to the response was that as Americans we do not need the government to do anything that just by the sweat on our brow and the might of our will we can do all of those things that government is too corrupt, incompetent, or uncaring to do. Of course the Republicans had to find someone to deliver the response whose hands were not soiled by the very things that Governor Jindal was decrying in his response, except the state of Louisiana requested 250 billion dollars in federal aid just for the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

The line that has to go down in the annuals of the worst speech writing in political history though has to be his reference to the Federal government’s response to the hurricane. According to Governor Jindal the reason we don’t need our government anymore is because after the hurricane the government at the time was incompetent to handle the disaster. I wonder if anyone had mentioned to the Governor that the government during that disaster was led by George W. Bush, a Republican and was ruled by a Republican majority in both Houses. Do these guys not have access to the internet or library cards? Why would a Republican mention Hurricane Katrina and government incompetence in the same breathe is beyond me, you can’t make this stuff up. I’m sorry Governor but your logic does not stand up to any rational examination. If Governor Jindal is number two behind President Obama then America tonight got to see that there is a huge gap between number 1 and number 2. Sort of like Michael Jordan and the rest of the NBA when he was playing.

Ok, so for those keeping score at home let’s do a recap. First we had Governor Sarah Palin and her inability to grasp basic domestic and foreign policy facts, not to mention her basic lack of ethics when it came to billing the people of Alaska for travel or the RNC for clothing. Then we have Lt. Governor Michael Steele to head the RNC and his on the one hand saying the Republicans need to expand their Party by working with groups whom they disagree with like gays but when asked about
civil unions gave a resounding no. And now we have Governor Bobby Jindal talking about what the economy needs is more tax-cuts and less government regulation. Now I could be wrong but what it looks like to me is that the Republicans believe that if they change the messenger they can continue to keep the same message and the American public will not be the wiser. It is almost like they believe that the American people can’t tell the difference between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin or Barack Obama and Bobby Jindal or Michael Steele. Do they think the American public is so stupid that all we see are genders and races and are not listening to their words? I could go on and on about the “New Republicans”, but why bother.

Instead of coming up with new ideas and policies the Republicans are content to just present new caricatures. They want the American people to ignore or forget about the fact that they presided over all of the current crisis’s we are in and try this new idea they have of tax-cuts for the wealthy and reducing government oversight. We have to remember after all as of January 20th they are the Party of fiscal responsibility and ethics. There is only one slight problem though the country wasn’t born in 2009, it was born in 1776. We may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.

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